For the while!

The reason for me being “Error 404” for the past few days because I was being dragged around by the results of my actions a month before!

My Exam Results! Who doesn’t have those? I just hate that time every 6 months or so where we sit, biting our nails, staring at an “Error 503” page because of the very bad internet infrastructure in my country and unprofessional methods employed to correct the damn papers!

I mean come on, look at the effort we put in!

6 months of boring classes, 3-4 full sets of tests, 3 labs and countless assignments for the One night’er we all pull before the exam day…

For what? Just the 3-5 mins the evaluatorsĀ  stare and decide my caliber based on the color of my pen, and the diagrams I drew so hastily?

No, what I think is we need a better education system that solely doesn’t depend on the question banks and derivations!

In short just watch the film 3Idiots

Well they came, they made me sad, they went away!

Back to being happy!!!



I love playing games (who doesn’t?) Here is my story of how I got into this endless void!

It all started when I was in kindergarten when I was first introduced to the world of gaming. One day I was just playing around with my toys and what not, when my father came home with a huge box!

All covered in black, the box failed to get my attention immediately. After eating, we both sat down and started unpacking it. The first sight I got was a huge elephant standing on two legs and a Moto GP racer bike.

By now most of you would have guessed what it was! A Super Denny they say, now its more commonly called NES I suppose. With its infinite games list, yes it was a 999999999 in 1 (lots of 9’s there for a small boy to remember) it got me to my first sleepless night that I actually remember of!

So there I was sitting in front of my then large 21 inch CRT TV with my eyes wide open and fixed on a bird hovering to the left of a huge list of Mario, BattleCity and …

To be continued.

For now!

Ok took some time to get around WP and hopefully what I have understood is correct šŸ˜€

The theme set now is just temporary. I am looking for a good html5 base theme to add my custom content. I will start linking all my works together in the next few days.

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I can’t think of anything else for now.

Hello world!

Hi everybody! I am ABiliTy and Welcome to my blog…And a Happy New Year!

This is my first blog post on the Jan 1,2012 and following the tradition it will be a “Hello World” post.

Basically I am someone whose interested in everything tech related and computers. I do play games(a lot actually) and love to program too. This will be both my personal blog, where I share my life happenings and my professional blog, where I express my views on all matters on the internet,games and programming.

See you soon!

As I always say, “Anything is possible when you have the ability”